Wedding Tax Deductions

Wedding Tax Deductions

Wedding Expenses You Can Claim on Your Taxes

There is an old saying "The two things in life you can't avoid, Death and Taxes". But did you know that there are wedding related deductions that you can apply to your income tax return?

If you have your wedding in a church, you may be able to write of a portion of the cost for the rental fees. Most churches are not for profit, meaning you can claim the deduction as a donation. The same rule applies if you have your ceremony or reception at a museum, state park or another non-profit location.

If your wedding day venues don't fit the bill for the deduction, maybe you could plan your rehersal dinner to meet the criteria.

Instead of giving a wedding favor to each guest, make a donation in their name to your favorite charity.

Also, instead of receiving wedding gifts, consider having your guest make donations to a charity in your name. But, remember this would be a deduction for them (the guest), not for you.

Donating leftover food and/ or flowers can provide a tax deduction.

There are a few organizations that will take gently used wedding dresses and refurbish them and re-sell them, using the profit for great causes. There are even some places that will take gently used bridemaid dresses and give them to underprivileged girls to use for prom dresses.

In order to claim these deductions, you will need to itemize them using a Schedule A form with your tax return. Be sure to keep all of your receipts and speak with a tax professional when filing your taxes.

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